Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

Cytodiagnostics functionalized and PEGylated highly concentrated gold nanoparticles have the same narrow size distribution as our non-functionalized particles but carry functional groups on the surface. Ten different types of surface modifications are available, i.e. antibody conjugates, NHS-ester, maleimide, Ni-NTA, azide, carboxyl, amine, methyl (methoxy), biotin, and our proprietary OligoREADY surface coating.

Our methyl gold nanoparticles are substantially more inert than non-functionalized gold nanoparticles and do not readily adsorb proteins. This makes them ideal for applications where reduced protein binding is desirable and for use as a control particle. 

Our NHS-activated gold nanoparticles and Maleimide-activated gold nanoparticles are supplied in convenient one-step conjugation kit formats. No activation of the gold nanoparticles are required. Simply mix with your protein of interest to generate a functional gold conjugate. 

Our carboxyl gold nanoparticles are suitable for covalent conjugation of proteins, and our amine functional gold for conjugation of DNA, proteins and other ligands using standard EDC/NHS conjugation chemistry.

In addition, to allow you to choose the most appropriate surface functionality for your specific application we also offer the choice between two different lengths of PEG spacers between the functional group and the gold surface.  This allows optimization of linker length between the functional group and the gold nanoparticle surface for your particular application.


Gold Conjugates NHS-Activated Gold Nanoparticles Maleimide-Activated Gold Nanoparticles
OligoREADY Gold Nanoparticles Carboxyl Gold Nanoparticles Amine Gold Nanoparticles
Biotin Gold Nanoparticles Methyl (Methoxy) Gold Nanoparticles Ni-NTA Gold Nanoparticles
Azide Gold Nanoparticles Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles
DBCO Gold Nanoparticles