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A lateral flow assay (LFA) is a simple and cost-effective diagnostic tool that is commonly used for the rapid detection of specific analytes in a sample.

This type of assay is based on the principle of capillary flow, which refers to the movement of a liquid through a porous material under the influence of a pressure gradient.

The key feature of a lateral flow assay is the flow of a liquid sample across a nitrocellulose strip that contains specific capture reagents. These reagents are designed to bind the target analyte and produce a visible signal that indicates the presence or absence of the target in the sample.
A lateral flow assay (LFA) typically consists of the following components:



            1. Sample pad: This is where the sample is applied. It is usually made of nitrocellulose or cellulose and is designed to absorb and distribute the sample evenly across the test strip.
            2. Conjugate pad: This pad contains the reagents required for the assay, such as antibodies or enzymes, that will interact with the analyte in the sample.
            3. Nitrocellulose membrane: This layer acts as a filter to separate the analyte from the sample. The membrane is impregnated with capture antibodies that will bind to specific antigens in the sample.
            4. Test line: This line indicates the presence of the analyte being tested for. It appears as a colored band if the analyte is present in the sample.
            5. Control line: This line is usually present on the test strip and is used to indicate that the assay is working properly. It is usually a colored band that appears if the test is performed correctly and the reagents are still active.
            6. Absorbent pad: This pad is located at the end of the test strip and is used to absorb any excess fluid, ensuring that the test results are not compromised.

    Custom Lateral Flow Assay Development

    If you are looking to develop your own lateral flow assays but find the process challenging, our assay development branch, CytoGroup, is here to assist.

    Specializing in the development of biosensors and diagnostic tools, CytoGroup offers comprehensive services to transform your concept into a fully functional commercial product.

    Our team of experts will guide you through every stage of development, from design to manufacturing, ensuring your assay meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

    Learn more about how CytoGroup can assist in your lateral flow assay development.

    Develop Your Own Lateral Flow Assay 

    For those aspiring to develop their own lateral flow dipsticks, Cytodiagnostics offers a wealth of resources to help you embark on this journey.
    We provide a vast array of research tools, materials, and kits tailored for lateral flow assay development. Our products are designed to streamline the development process, offering high-quality components and comprehensive technical support.

    Whether you need specific reagents, specialized materials, or complete development kits, Cytodiagnostics equips you with everything required to start your LFA project.

    Our expert team is also available to offer guidance and insights, ensuring your path to successful assay development is smooth and efficient. Contact Us if you need help!


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