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Cytodiagnostics alkyne functionalized gold nanoparticles are precisely engineered for covalent conjugation to any molecule tagged with an azide group. With the use of a copper(I) catalyst, the alkyne group on the gold and the azide-tagged molecule undergo a cycloaddition to form a stable and permanent linkage.

The reaction between these 2 functional groups typically occurs rapidly, in high yield, and with no by-products, meaning that the customer will always have a stable conjugate and enough of it to use in subsequent downstream applications such as lateral flow assays and imaging.

These reactions are also especially useful in applications involving oligonucleotides due to the higher prevalence of azide modifications.

Cytodiagnostics alkyne functionalized gold nanoparticles are available in 12 different sizes ranging from 5nm – 100nm, are more than 95% spherical and have a uniform size distribution (CV <12%). Products are provided as suspensions at 50 OD.

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