Silver Enhancement Kit for Membranes

This kit contains:

  • Silver Enhancer Solution A, 250ml
  • Silver Enhancer Solution B, 250ml

Quantity of working solution: 500ml (Staining of ~100 membrane strips or 10-20 membranes)

Cytodiagnostics silver enhancer kit for membranes is ideal for applications such as Western Blots and dot blot assays, and offers down to picogram level of detection of gold nanoparticle conjugate, silver nanoparticle conjugate or gold nanourchin labeled samples while minimizing background.

Amplification of the gold nanoparticle label is a result of deposition of silver on the gold nanoparticles surface during the reaction and increases the sensitivity of gold nanoparticle conjugate labeling up to 100-fold. This allows for detection of scarce targets.