Gold Nanoparticle Size Optimization Panel (medium range, stabilized)

Sizes: 20nm, 40nm, 60nm and 80nm gold nanoparticles

Surface Composition: Citrate

Quantity: 20ml of each size at OD=1

Formulation: Supplied in 0.1mg/ml citrate supplemented with a proprietary stabilizing solution.

Intended use: Adsorption of thiolated ligands such as oligonucleotides and polyethylene glycols. Also, due to the increased stability, these gold nanoparticles are ideal for use in physical and optical applications.

Note: This product is not ideal for protein adsorption. For gold nanoparticles suitable for adsorption of proteins and other ligands for conjugate development, please see our standard gold nanoparticles.


These gold nanoparticles have a  narrow size distribution (CV of less than 12%), high protein binding capability and are more than 95% spherical. Low batch to batch variability (+/- 2nm) assures you as a customer always end up with a product within the specified size range ordered.


Store product away from direct sunlight at 4-25°C. Lower temperature prolongs the shelf life of the product.

Do Not Freeze

When stored as specified the product is stable for at least six months.

Download: Gold Nanoparticle Product Brochure