ELISA Assay Diluent

Product overview

Balances the sample and standard matrices to enhance result precision. The ELISA Assay Diluent is designed for assessing serum, plasma, and cell culture samples across all sandwich ELISA formats. Utilizing an assay diluent aids in reducing variations in matrix complexity between the sample types and the diluent used to establish the standard curve of the ELISA. This buffer is aseptically filtered through a 0.2 micron filter into clean, pre-sterilized containers and is free of azide. Contains mammalian protein and preservative.

Storage Condition

Can be stored for up to 1 month at 2-8 °C. Protect from moisture and light. No special shipping conditions or precautions are required.

How To Use

  • Once the capture antigen has been coated onto the plate and the plate has been properly blocked, use the Assay Diluent to dilute the standard protein to generate the calibration curve.
  • Additionally, dilute the test samples in the Assay Diluent and, optimal dilution factor is to be investigated by the user.
  • Add 100 µL standard and test samples diluted in the Assay Diluent into the coated wells and proceed through the ELISA protocol.
  • The concentration measured from the standard curve needs to be multiplied by the dilution factor.