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Cytodiagnostics Surfactant Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles are supplied in a citrate buffer supplemented with a proprietary stabilizing solution for prolonged stability, higher salt tolerance and temperature stability. 

The high shape uniformity of our colloidal gold nanoparticles minimizes the variability within your assay by e.g. allowing control over the available surface area while adsorbing proteins to the gold nanoparticles. This translates into higher performance and reduced costs for your specific assay. 

Gold Nanoparticles TEM

UV-VIS spectrum gold nanoparticles

Figure 1. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images (top) and UV-Vis spectrum (bottom) of Cytodiagnostics gold nanoparticles of different sizes.

Our surfactant stabilized preparations have been optimized for adsorption of thiolated ligands such as oligonucleotides and polyethylene glycols and are ideal for use applications requireing harsher conditions (i.e. higher salt concentrations) than those tolerated by standard gold nanoparticles.

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