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Passive adsorption is the classical method employed in the conjugation of proteins and antibodies to gold nanoparticles, a fundamental step in developing lateral flow assays (LFAs).

This technique leverages the natural affinity between the gold surface and certain biomolecules, allowing them to adsorb onto the nanoparticles without the need for complex chemical reactions.

In lateral flow assays, the conjugation of biomolecules to gold nanoparticles is crucial for the detection and quantification of target analytes. Passive adsorption is particularly valued in this context for its simplicity and effectiveness. The process ensures that the biomolecules retain their structural integrity and functional properties, which are essential for the assay's sensitivity and specificity.

Detailed below are the most commonly used Gold Nanoparticle sizes used in Antibody based Lateral Flow (Rapid Test) Assays. However, other nanoparticle sizes and surface chemistries may be more suitable for your assay. Please contact Customer Support for assay development support.

If you are conjugating antibodies to our gold nanoparticles, we also offer Conjugation QC Lateral Flow Dipsticks to validate loading of your antibody onto the gold nanoparticle surface.