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Covalent conjugation is a technique used to attach biomolecules, such as proteins, antibodies, or nucleic acids, to gold nanoparticles through stable covalent bonds.

This method involves creating a permanent link between the biomolecule and the nanoparticle, ensuring a strong and lasting attachment that is crucial for the stability and functionality of lateral flow assays (LFAs).

This type of surface chemistry offers a high degree of control over the orientation and density of biomolecules on the nanoparticle surface. 

In addition, surface loading of PEG further enhances the conjugate's stability and is highly favourable for use in testing targets found in complex sample matrices. 

Detailed below are the most commonly used Gold Nanoparticle and Gold NanoUrchin sizes and surface chemistries used in Antibody based Lateral Flow (Rapid Test) Assays. However, other nanoparticle sizes and surface chemistries may be more suitable for your assay. Please contact Customer Support for assay development support.