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Carboxyl functionalized gold nanourchins are ideal for conjugation of proteins and other primary amine containing ligands using standard EDC/NHS coupling chemistry.

Our carboxylated gold nanourchins are available in 6 different sizes ranging from 50-100nm and have uniform size distribution (CV <15%). 


  • Precisely engineered surface with an optimized carboxyl group density for easy conjugation.
  • Available with SPR absorption maximum in the 600nm range.
  • Enhanced LSPR properties compared to spherical gold nanoparticles.


Ideal for development of gold nanourchin conjugates for use in for example: 

  • Immunoblotting 
  • Lateral Flow Assays 
  • LSPR Assays 
  • Microscopy Applications (e.g. TEM)

For custom sizes, formulations or bulk quantities please contact our customer service department,